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Software Development Intern (London Summer 2021)

Get a feel for life as a professional digital engineer, building real-world software. Under the guidance of experienced developers, our interns form teams to create commercial-grade applications. This might be for a client, or a pro bono project or addressing a need within Softwire.

Summer internships last 8-10 weeks, starting in June or July 2021. We also offer unpaid 2-week internships over the winter and spring holidays (living expenses are covered).

Around half our interns take up permanent roles with us after their studies – an internship is the best route to a permanent role at Softwire.

The people we’re looking for;

When to apply

There’s no set closing date for applications, but places fill up quickly and we recommend applying during Autumn 2020 to maximise your chances.

Application process

We pride ourselves on hiring people with the greatest potential, rather than just those with prior experience, and we do all we can to bring out the best from you in the interviews by making them as relaxed as possible. We value your time, and we don’t ask you to answer unnecessary questions on application forms or spend hours on preparation. At each stage of the process we aim to get back to you within two business days, and you can book your own interview slots on our online portal.

If you wish to make any changes or corrections to your application form after you have submitted it, please do not resubmit a new application. Instead you should email us with details of the changes you wish to make. Similarly if you are not sure if your application has been submitted correctly, please do not submit a second application just in case. Instead you should wait a few hours to see if you receive acknowledgement from us and then email us if not.